What is all this Candy Dance malarkey then?


I don’t know how or why, but a few weeks ago I came up with the idea to do the biggest ‘Candy Dance’ ever on record.

It makes sense as it’s done at nearly every single party I’ve played at since I’ve been a DJ, especially at weddings and I’m quite sure that you know what it is.

Cameo Candy

I was amazed when I told some people about my ‘big idea’ and they didn’t even know what the hell I was talking about! Some people call it the Electric Slide so you get a little leeway, but C’mon son! Watch it being done here:

Do you not know what this is son? If you don’t know hurry up and learn it and get to know!

The written instructions of the dance are as follows:

(On the beat) Two steps right (1-2, 1-2)

Two steps left (1-2, 1-2)

Two steps back (1,2 – 1,2) Hold

One step with left foot forward (lean forth)

One step with Right foot Lean back

Hop ‘n’ kick sideways with right

(Repeat for all 4 corners North, south, east, west)

Now, I’m not silly enough to think that somewhere in the world (especially in the US) more than 300 people haven’t done ‘the Candy dance’ all at once before, even at the 2010 Brent Respect Festival 1000+ attempted to do it together: http://www.brent.gov.uk/media.nsf/Pages/LBB-158

But, to my knowledge (and Google’s) no one has ever done it at a party on record. So, me being me, I contacted Guinness Book Of World Records and they told me that it’s a viable record to set. They’re processing the application now and we will be filming it for their review.

So let’s do this!

Monday 27th December 2010 at Fantastic Five Part 2: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=145699958814297

The ‘Candy Dance’ is usually done to the song ‘Candy’ by Cameo in 1986. Song is OLD son, but never seems to get old. It’s part of our history and seems like it will be current forever. If you haven’t seen the video before or didn’t even know it had a video, watch this:

It has some of the most memorable production ever and has been sampled loads of times, my favourite remakes are:

  • Will Smith – Candy

  • Mariah Carey – Loverboy

  • 2Pac –  All About You

And even this random UK one lol:

AND this one on roller skates at ‘Rollermotion’ looks kind of sick son:


See you on the 27th.


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